Our confidentiality policy has been drafted in order to explain with total transparency how we process your personal data.

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Which data are collected?

Which means are at your disposal to keep control of your personal data?

Can the Privacy policy change?


1. Which data are collected?

The use of CGFIT products and services request data to be collected. Those data identifies you either directly or indirectly.

Data that identifies you directly may be your first name or surname, your date of birth, your e-mail address, your photo, etc. We may also collect data that identify you indirectly such as your weight, your postcode, etc.

The protection of your data is at the heart of our confidentiality policy and we undertake to preserve them by applying the optimum level of security.


2. Which means are at your disposal to keep control of your personal data?

We believe that you should always have the means to protect your privacy when you use connected objects. At CGFIT we consider that we should support you and protect your privacy as fully as possible by guaranteeing you the following rights:

Right to access your data

Your personal data is and shall remain easily accessible. This means that you can always export your personal data in an open format for you to easily keep and access to them.

Right to amend your data

At any time you may amend, add to, delete or update the personal data produced by an active measurement on your part. This may be done directly in the application or on request.

Right to object to your data being processed

You may for legitimate reasons object to your personal data being processed by contacting our customer service department. However, be aware that this action might limit the scope of CGFIT products and services.

Right to protect your data

At CGFIT, we use various methods to safeguard your data How do we protect your data? All data is stored locally on your phone. Nothing is transmitted through the CGFIT application with the exception of data transferred to HealthKit.


3. Can the privacy policy change?

We may change our confidentiality policy to adapt to your needs, to the evolution of the legal framework or when we develop our products and services. We shall inform you of any modification performed.